MergeDeps is easily installed by installing the Github Application into your organization. You can install the MergeDeps app, or configure an existing installation, here.

When installing MergeDeps, you will see a Github authorization screen:

By default, Github will prompt you to install MergeDeps on all repositories. This is not necessary for MergeDeps to function. We recommend that you only grant access to repositories which you plan to use MergeDeps on. This includes repositories which depend on, or are depended on by, other repositories.

For example, lets say you have a Pulll Request in your repository frontend, which depends on a Pull Request in your repository backend. MergeDeps must be granted access to both repositories.

Required Check

We highly recommend making the mergedeps check a required check on your repository. This is what causes Github to enforce the check before merge. This is done by creating a Branch protection rule.

You can do this in your repository by going into "Settings" > "Branches" and creating a rule for your main branch.

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